Our Top 5 Tips for Hosting a Summer Party

Designed and built with entertaining in mind, Paradise Estates is the perfect venue for summer gatherings. While entertaining can sometimes be daunting, our five timeless tips will guarantee your party planning experience is effortless. From menu planning to decorations and atmosphere, this season is sure to be memorable for you and your guests. Whether you decide to entertain inside your stylish home or atop your private rooftop patio, here’s our top five tips for hosting a summer party in paradise.

1. Keep decor simple

Classy elegance is always in style, no matter the theme. To set the mood, decorate your space with candles of varying sizes and small lanterns filled with flower arrangements from one of Kelowna’s conveniently located markets. For a cohesive and inviting look, stick to a colour palette that is easy on the eyes. Keep it simple and avoid harsh colours and too many textures. In summer, light tones work well (think rose gold, blush, gold, or white).

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2. Craft your party playlist ahead of time

Don’t subject your party to the mercy of the shuffle button. Determine the mood you’d like to achieve ahead of time and plan accordingly. With a myriad of pre-prepared playlists available on Google Play, Spotify, and Apple Music, you can take the guesswork out of the music selection. But be sure to stick to a theme that is suitable for your guests and keep the volume at a comfortable level for conversation.  The pre-installed wireless sound system in your Paradise Estates vacation home will allow you and your guests to enjoy the rich sounds no matter where the party takes you.

3. Create a simple menu

Your guests not only want to mingle with each other but with you as well. To make sure your time is spent socializing and not tied up in the kitchen, plan a simple menu well ahead of time. Preparing food in advance, or hiring a local caterer, will ease potential stress and free up your time to connect with your community. A simple buffet and beautiful layout will do the trick. By utilizing dishes of various sizes and heights to display your feast, your guests will undoubtedly be impressed. And if your party goes until dark, be sure to stock up on s’more supplies for the firepit.

4. Enhance your guest's experience

Paradise Estates’ old-world style wine rooms are the perfect venue for an intimate wine tasting. Showcase your favourite local wines in your temperature-controlled wine cellar. Plus, pairing your wine with your menu will create an unforgettable tasting experience.

September 2017 - wine room - DSC_6469.jpg

5. Let your guests know the dress code

Notify your guests well in advance where you intend to host your party. Whether the gathering will be inside your comfortable home, outside on the rooftop, in the central entertainment area, or on the private beach, you want everyone to arrive prepared. If you plan on utilizing the private beach or your private spa, ensure you have plenty of clean towels on hand. Guests with adequate notice of what to expect will be able to arrive dressed appropriately for the fun activities you have planned and will be sure to enjoy the venue and the night ahead.

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