A Hub for Community and Connection: Paradise Estates' Central Entertainment Space 

Paradise Estates is designed and built to provide an unparalleled luxury experience – and that extends beyond each individual home. To foster a sense of camaraderie and connection, we’ve designed a private central entertainment area for you and your guests to enjoy day or night, and, as with everything Paradise Estates, it’s not your run-of-the-mill community space. Designed with elegance and luxury in mind, the central entertainment space features a sunken, outdoor communal fire pit; a contoured, multi-hole putting course and chipping green; and a 50’ long swimming pool complete with a shallow end for toddlers and a 26’ water slide. And, the pool, designed and built by Kelowna’s own Valley Pool & Spa is a breathtaking centerpiece that goes above and beyond a typical commercial pool.putting green

Your Oasis: Valley Pool & Spa's Out of the Box Design 

Because every decision we’ve made in designing and building Paradise Estates is calculated and considered for ease and elegance, we intentionally chose Valley Pool & Spa to design and build the community pool. Like Paradise Estates, Valley Pool & Spa meticulously and creatively designs every project with craftsmanship and flair, and as a result, their pools are truly works of art. Founder Gene Brown and his team know that an uncompromised, beautif

By asking the right questions and focusing on details, Gene knew we wanted our central entertainment area not only to shine but also to exude class and encourage community. So, he and his team took our vision and design-built a dramatic pool area that plays with light and shade, reflection and colour, capturing the essence of escape. Unlike most community pools, which are typically rectangular, the Paradise Estates pool is reminiscent of the kind of pool you’d find on a luxury, destination vacation at a 5-star resort (though on a smaller scale, of course). Valley Pool & Spa’s design is nothing if not versatile. 

To minimize the impact of maintenance on your enjoyment, the pool’s mechanical room is stored underground and out of sight. Strategically and artfully placed shade sails provide a protected ambiance for hot summer days while fountain-like jets paired with lights shoot beautiful, multi-coloured streams of water over the pool at night. But the most stunning focal point is the custom stone waterfall feature – it’s a sight to behold. Brought together, the pool, fire pit, and chipping green create a communal hub that’s an extension of your living space, a beautiful oasis, and the embodiment of what Paradise Estates is about.  Seamlessly, almost effortlessly, addressing the needs of playful kids and relaxed adults, the pool uses curved lines and intentional design to separate the waterslide and play area from the shallower area for tanning and tranquility. ul product results from impeccable taste, a commitment to longevity, fine craftsmanship, and communication.