Spas have been places of healing for literally thousands of years: from Indigenous sweat lodges to Roman baths, immersing in water has long been considered a treatment for many ailments (still is…hot tub anyone?). Today’s spas, however, go beyond baths and saunas and into the realm of ultimate relaxation. Between therapies like massage, mud wraps, and facials to cosmetic treatments like manicures, pedicures, and waxing – a day at the spa often leaves you rejuvenated and refreshed because it’s a chance to escape the world, focus on yourself, and let go of life’s stresses. So, after your morning golf game or after your vineyard tour book a day at one of these great spas in Kelowna to relax, unwind, and luxuriate in being pampered. 

1. Amora Day Spa

Frequently rated as one of Kelowna’s best spas, the Amora Day Spa is more akin to a cozy, intimate oasis than a big, resort spa. Their attentive, well-trained staff ask all the right questions to ensure your treatment is tailored to your personal liking and they use the most comforting combination of soothing lighting, healing aromatherapy, heated beds and blankets, and relaxing music. Promoting wellness from head to toe, Amora Day Spa offers a full range of services (at unbelievably affordable prices) in addition to carefully curated packages to please every preference in addition to accommodating group bookings. Fan favourites are The Amora Package – a 3 hour retreat complete with a full body relaxation massage, a relaxation facial, and a signature mani or pedi (your choice).

2. Beyond Wrapture

Working from a holistic philosophy, Beyond Wrapture works to nurture your body, mind, and spirit in every treatment at their spa – and they’ve been doing it for over two decades. In addition to offering spa staples like relaxation massages, facials, manis and pedis, Beyond Wrapture offers aromatherapy, reflexology, hot stone massages, and traditional Chinese massage as well as packages designed for women (like the Timeless Eternity package – an Okanagan Grape Pip ScrubHoney Wine Wrap and Vinotherapy Massage with emphasis on a scalp massage in addition to the rest of the body) and for men (like the Gone Fishing package - a 75 minute Vinotherapy Massage with heated stones between your toes, and 45 minutes focused specifically on your lower legs and feet). And if facials are your thing, they’ve got a wealth of targeted options to choose from.

3. Mirror Mirror Salon & Spa

Widely considered the ultimate in Kelowna’s spa luxury experiences, Mirror Mirror Salon & Spa is a gorgeous, high-end spa that’s equally praised for its award-winning hair services and its premium spa and beauty offerings. Friendly, accommodating, and professional, the staff at Mirror Mirror generously pampers clients with expertise and sophistication. Revel in one of their exclusive packages to escape to a veritable paradise filled with endless relaxation and serenity. From deep tissue, hot stone massages to gentle, relaxation massages, from collagen anti-aging facials to dermaplaning facials, and from mani/pedis to lash extensions, Mirror Mirror meets all of your salon and spa needs, consistently exceeding expectations. 

Your relaxation doesn’t have to end at the spa though, return to your luxury vacation home at Paradise Estates to enjoy a glass of Okanagan wine in your private rooftop hot tub. Want to see what we’re all about? Book a viewing of our show home today.