Welcoming the Campbell Family to Paradise Estates

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cal, Ken, and the entire Paradise Estates' team for making the purchase of our beautiful West Kelowna home such a wonderful experience. Our decision to choose Paradise Estates over all the other properties that we looked at was the relationship we built and the trust we gained from both Cal and Ken from the start. Our first meeting with Cal was held at the farmhouse drinking wine and getting to know each other, which in turn struck an instant friendship. 


The Paradise Estates purchase itself exceeded our expectations. Throughout the process there was consistent communication with Cal and we were kept involved from start to finish. Furthermore, the team took time to answer all of our questions and were patient with us the whole time. The interior designer, Sarah, was both professional and had a design flair that matched our style. The overall quality and craftsmanship is impeccable. It's easy to understand why during the past few years the entire team/tradespeople  have had nothing but praise and respect when referring to Cal. It seemed as if they took as much pride in the project as he did.

In the end what we learned mattered most was that this project was indeed a dream of Cal's and such a significant milestone in his life, and we feel fortunate to be a part of it.

Thank you Cal, Ken, and the rest of the Paradise Estates' team!

Kurt and Wenda Campbell