Latest Technology Provides Flexibility and Innovation for Multi-Room Audio in Your Luxury Home

A quality home audio system doesn't need to be complicated. Knowing this, and that most homeowners want and expect their devices to just work after plugging them in without much set-up, were key to Paradise Estates' President, Ken Nichols, when searching for a multi-room home audio supplier.

Multi-room audio provides homeowners with the ability to listen to different music and sound (i.e., TV) in several rooms at the same time through wireless speakers or devices that communicate with each other. The audio played can vary in each room, depending on the system you choose, and is controlled via an app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

The focus of technology for Paradise Estates was on the homeowner’s ease of use, therefore GoRave—by Edmonton-based Levven Electronics Ltd.—was chosen for multi-room audio in all 21 homes of our West Kelowna luxury community.

“It fits with Paradise Estates’ design criteria,” says Levven’s president and CEO, James Keirstead. “Their homes are simple, elegant, and functional, so of course they’re going to install simple, elegant, functional systems that work easily for their homeowners.”

When choosing a multi-room audio system, James says it’s not about the home, it’s about the user. He suggests asking yourself a few questions to become clear about what you want and need before designing, or purchasing, your multi-room audio system:

·         Where do I want audio in my home?

·         What do I want to play audio from (e.g., phone, TV, computer)?

·         Do I only need or want to stream music?

·         Is having TV integration a must for me?

·         Do I want the ability to play different sources of audio in different rooms?

·         How much am I willing to pay?

James says this system is about more than just streaming music. It’s perfect for those who want to sit down on their sofa, pull up their laptop to watch Netflix and have the audio come through their multi-room system. A typical WiFi system could not do this.

Launched in 2014, GoRave removed home audio’s dependency on the Internet and most wiring. “It uses direct transmission from transmitters that you plug into your phone, computer, or TV, and there’s very low latency,” James explains. “That allows you to hear the audio and see the picture in sync—something WiFi-based systems can’t do.”

Levven’s system simplified home audio and reduced wire use. By doing so, electricians can easily install GoRave without needing a system specialist.

Another innovative technology Levven developed is GoConex, which received the 2017 Manning Innovation Award.

GoConex eliminates the need of wires to physically connect switches to lights and other devices, reducing materials, costs, and installation time. The environment, builders, and homeowners all benefit. The technology and code requirements weren’t quite in line with each other by the time Paradise Estates was built, but it is something to consider with a future project.