A private elevator glides you up and onto your own private, luxury rooftop patio where you gaze upon an unrivaled view of the city backdropped by the Okanagan’s mountainside. In the afternoon, you lie back on your cushioned lounger, basking in the sun’s glow while you sip an icy cool sangria or Tin Whistle Killer Bee Dark Honey Ale from your patio’s chiller bar, alternately snoozing in the sun’s cozy blanket of warmth and retreating to your shaded outdoor couch to dig into John Grisham’s Camino Island (a page turner you’ll finish by tomorrow).

Note the beautiful quiet and the refreshing peacefulness of your very own outdoor patio. No screaming kids, no headache inducing bass coming from the neighbour’s place, just beautiful, luxurious silence. Or, select your personal playlist to set the mood on your state-of-the-art wireless sound system. When you need a break from your novel, you roll out your yoga mat and take a moment to stretch, salute the sun, breathe in the verdant scent of your patio’s irrigated planters, and meditate before indulging in the ultimate relaxation: your luxury home spa.

Quickly changing into your swimsuit, you gingerly dip into your luxury home spa, an Arctic Spas’ Yukon Signature Select. Perfectly situated under a cedar roofed canopy, your eight-person hot tub is tastefully encased in a wood façade and customized to match the look and feel of your unique luxury home. 

As you turn on the jets, resting your head back, enjoying the relaxation and rejuvenation only a home spa can offer, you flip on your flat screen TV and marvel at HGTV’s Tiny Luxury. When you’re ready to duck out and enjoy Kelowna’s distinct Okanagan offerings, maybe indulge in a round of golf at Shannon Lake Golf Club, rinse off in your outdoor shower to give yourself a refreshing reintroduction to the world.

After spending the day teeing off, shopping, or museum hopping with your friends, the four of you head back to Paradise Estates for a little R&R and some drinks on the patio. You step on to the patio, chatting about your favourite Okanagan vineyard as you open up your patio fridge to pour everyone an ice cold glass of Kalala Pinot Gris while you relax and snack on crisp apples, fresh nuts, and strong cheese purchased from the Okanagan’s local farms. 

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