Why Consider a Home Elevator?

First and foremost, home elevators alleviate the need for wheelchair lifts or painful walks up the stairs. For those with mobility issues, installing an elevator may keep them in their own home for longer.

For those seeking convenience, an elevator can be a great investment. Carrying items like groceries, small furniture, and laundry up a level becomes a lot easier when you don't have struggle up stairs.

They can also be a bold and modern design choice that are bound to capture attention.

Important Features

There are a few key features to consider before choosing the right elevator for you and your home.


Hydraulic elevators require a machine room to run and have a larger footprint, making them difficult to retrofit. Traction elevators have no machine room and instead work with a counterweight and a track, making them more compact and easier to install. 

If you're building a new home, you've got the freedom to choose the best elevator for you. If you're retrofitting, you may need to explore traction elevators only.


How much would you like to customize the elevator to match your home's aesthetic? Should it be hidden behind a door or is it beautiful enough to stand out?

If you're concerned about the elevator complement your interior design, make sure you're choosing a provider that can customize the finishes.


Ensure that the elevator you choose is quiet. The convenience is greatly reduced when you're worried about disturbing others in your home. 

Energy Requirements

Inefficient elevators can be a major power drain. Newer models are generally manufactured to be more efficient, but make sure you ask about the standard power usage levels of your model. 

RAM Crystal Elevator

An elevator can be both useful and beautiful. Case in point: the customized RAM Crystal elevator featured in every Paradise Estates home. This  makes traveling between floors (including the rooftop patio) easy. It's also a great solution if you or your guests have any mobility issues. 

The beautiful Crystal design has been customized to suit the modern, luxury design of our homes. A beautiful gold, textured silk wallpaper lines the interior, and the exterior is glass panel and rich wood.

RAM's drive systems are innovative and result in one of the smoothest, quietest, and quickest (37 feet per minute) elevators on the market today. You'll never have to worry about waking up visitors in the early morning or late at night. 

They're also an eco-friendly choice, using an amazing 50% less energy than comparable models. 

To learn more about RAM elevators, visit trustram.com.

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