One of the key features in every Paradise Estates home is the stunning rooftop patio. With private elevator access, incredible views of the Okanagan, and a refreshment chiller bar, it's the perfect oasis year-round. 

The true centerpiece of the patio is the Yukon Signature Select Arctic Spa hot tub, manufactured right here in Canada.

When deciding to invest in a hot tub, there are some important factors to consider. Here are the steps we took to help us choose the Yukon Signature Select.

Consider the climate.

While Kelowna's winters aren't brutally cold, we're still in Canada. Many hot tubs aren't made to withstand cold temperatures. Because Arctic Spas is a Canadian company, they truly understand our winters.  The materials in Arctic Spas hot tubs have been chosen for their ruggedness and durability. 

For year-round usage in a colder climate, you'll need a hot tub that can run efficiently no matter the weather. 

Think about maintenance.

Hot tubs require regular maintenance to check chemical levels and ensure efficient performance. If you're not around consistently or you'd prefer not to worry about it, consider hiring someone to handle maintenance.

We chose to go with Arctic Spas' weekly maintenance service. Because the hot tub is their own manufactured product, they understand each model's unique setup. Regular maintenance keeps the hot tub running at peak performance, so you'll always be ready for an impromptu soak.

The Yukon Signature Select also comes equipped with wifi technology so that the tub can be monitored from anywhere in the world. Owners can download an app to their phone to check how the hot tub is running, whether the cover is off, whether the lights are on and more. They can control everything right from the palm of their hand. 

Choose a size and location.

The beautiful rooftop patio was designed with an intimate, open hot tub in mind. It slides right into the covered portion of the patio, protecting it from snow and you from rain. We chose a 4-6 person model. It's the right size for small gatherings and gives a lot of space without a huge footprint. 

Make sure to consider the best placement for your hot tub. Is there space on your deck? Will you have to traipse through the yard? Do you want to be in full sun or shade? Once you have a good location, that may narrow your options for size. 

Match your design.

A hot tub doesn't have to stick out like a sore thumb. Another reason we loved Arctic Spas' hot tubs were the options for facades. We chose a beautiful wood finish that matches our design so that it adds to–and not distracts from–the beauty of the patio. Look for models that can be customized to match your backyard aesthetic or home facade for a seamless look.

Look at energy efficiency.

Hot tubs mean a huge increase in your energy bill, right? Well, not necessarily.

Because of their cutting-edge technology, Arctic Spas hot tubs are extremely efficient. They recycle heat that is normally lost from the pump and are insulated from the inside. These are two key pieces that most hot tub manufacturers miss.

Make sure you're looking into the efficiency of the hot tub you choose to avoid getting a shock from your next bill. 

A big thanks to owner Perry Lewis from Arctic Spas for chatting with us and providing photos.