The Details takes us through the recently completed show home in West Kelowna and showcases the incredible interior design, courtesy of Sarah De Angelis. The attention to detail is palpable as we walk through the home from the live edge kitchen island to the barrel ceiling in the wine cellar. 

You will also meet a couple of our key partners on this project: Marv Verlage of GoRave and Colin Kirbyson of Marvin Windows & Doors. They give us an overview of their involvement with the project and provide a glimpse into the types of quality products and materials available in every single home. 

"It could be very much a family home, if a baby was living here and wanted to call it their home for 12 months a year, it would work for that. 

I think for anybody who hadn't been here before, you know that they are going to find is place something special. Growing up, we often referred to Kelowna rowing up as Canada's playground. 

It's all about the people who we have around us, it's the team we built. 

We went through an interview process with a handful of interior designers and eventually landed on Sarah. We needed to get a lot closer to somebody who could sort of bring the interior to life. 

The more I learned about the project, the more excited I became about it and wanted to be a part of the team. My time in Italy and traveling around Europe was definitely an influence that I brought to the interior design process on this project. 

For Go Rave, fitting into the Paradise Estates project made sense because, for the folks that are walking in front door, they don't have to learn how to use Go Rave because they already know how to use it, because it's the device that they already walk through the front door with. You can just simply push a transmitter into the device and press play to join sound from their own devices right in that home. 

So at Paradise Estates, we're using a system called a multi-slide door. We have four multi-slides for each of the houses. The benefit of that is we have a completely flush cell that allows the indoor and the outdoor environment to connect seamlessly. 

I think Paradise Estates fits into the community because, if you look around, we have about 10 or 12 liners within 2-3 miles. I see that continuing to grow, and it's going to make Kelowna and this whole area a destination for a lot of people for a long time to come.

To be given an opportunity to give a full vision to a project like this, and to have the kind of support to do that, this team has given me this incredible experience. 

This is a piece of property that will always give me a big giant smile on the face. The homeowners will appreciate all of the details that have been put into not only the homes themselves but also the common areas, the amenity space all the way to the sandy beach and the wonderful vistas. We've created something that no one really has ever seen before in Kelowna. There is certainly a level here that is being looked at by others, and I'm hoping we will see more of it. It is a an amazing beautiful place that is unlike any other place in the country."