"Ultimately, we had to work through what exactly we could build here. We had to do some talking with planners and developer planners who could help us navigate the young city of Kelowna, and the problems about what it is we could build here. 

And that's why we wanted to build it with a high degree of permanence. As we're going through, I'm treating every house like I'm going to build it for myself. Quality is an absolute priority - not just on the outside but also on the inside of the buildings. 

The site here is very inspiring. I had no idea that it was going to blossom into something that you see here today. It's a hugely complex endeavor that we're trying to accomplish.  

'Cal wanted the construction to be simple. And, so my challenge was, well, how do I take a basic shoebox and dress it up and create an architectural vocabulary, and the only way I can do that within the context of all of them - together it creates this complex community.

That's one of the unique things I love about this project and working with this particular team, we sit down as a group and we make decisions as a group. In this particular case, all of us have been really involved in the design, and how we're going to do things and what you want to look like in the end, and I think that is a privilege.'"