Chapter 2: The Build

This video focusses on the team and the exceptional craftsmen behind each and every home in Paradise Estates. You'll meet Tom, our architect, and Norm, our lead contractor, as they discuss what goes into designing and building these modern, luxurious homes right on the beach in West Kelowna, BC. 

Elevate your Home

Home elevators are a stylish and convenient option, especially for houses with three or more levels. Depending on your budget and taste, there are several different varieties that can be built into new homes or retrofitted into an existing house. Some styles are sleek and blend into your home design and some become a statement piece of their own.

Lifestyle Updates

January 26 2017

Chapter 1: The Vision

We are excited to introduce the first in a series of videos about Paradise Estates. They will offer an in-depth look into the team behind the project and provide insights into how this incredible development came to life. This first video covers the history of the project, and Cal and Ken's vision for what it will become.

Paradise Estates Site Drone Footage

We recently took a drone out to get some amazing aerial footage of the Paradise Estates site. Check out the progress and get a sense for how incredible this community is going be!

Construction Updates Videos

November 23 2016

Planning a Wine Tasting Party

What better way to celebrate your new beautiful kitchen and dining space than with an elegant wine tasting party? We've got some tips for planning yours.

Lifestyle Updates

November 7 2016

About Gasland Properties

Learn more about the innovative developer of Paradise Estates, Gasland Properties.

October 3 2016

It's All in the Details

Finishes take a home design from ordinary to exceptional. These seemingly small details rarely go unnoticed, and speak loudly about the quality of your interior. It's not only about the aesthetics, but simplicity and performance.

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September 14 2016

Construction Update: September 13th

Here's the latest update from the Paradise Estates construction site!

Construction Updates

September 13 2016

Ken Nichols' Kelowna Favourites

President of Gasland Properties, Ken Nichols, shares his favourite places in Kelowna. 

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August 29 2016

A Place to Relax

Getting enough rest ensures that you can make the most of your waking hours. At Paradise Estates, your bedroom has been designed with a good night's sleep in mind.

Lifestyle Updates

August 26 2016